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Cookies Made With Cocoa Powder

cookies made with cocoa powder

    cocoa powder
  • the powdery remains of chocolate liquor after cocoa butter is removed; used in baking and in low fat and low calorie recipes and as a flavoring for ice cream

  • The result of extracting cocoa butter from cocoa paste. Cocoa powder is used to prepare chocolate drinks or to sprinkle truffles and chocolate tarts.

  • Cocoa solids are the low-fat component of chocolate. When sold as an end product, it may also be called cocoa powder, cocoa, and cacao.

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  • (cookie) the cook on a ranch or at a camp

  • (cookie) any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)

  • A person of a specified kind

  • (cookie) a short line of text that a web site puts on your computer's hard drive when you access the web site

  • A small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp

  • successful or assured of success; "now I am a made man forever"- Christopher Marlowe

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Camouflage sugar cookies!

Camouflage sugar cookies!

Because I sometimes catch the inspiration to try made some things which I haven`t before try to made out I decided to make one test-kind of cookies..

And those cookies are birth just because of that at I was wanting to try how they looks if I made out my planning to try made some CAMOUFLAGE coloured vegan shortbreads, which ofcourse are topped with new band logo-decorations.

These were just test cookies,
I like to play with food sometimes and now I was splashing with that green food colouring! Yau! Those camouflage cookies tastes almost chocolate, because that brown-part contains cocoa powder and cinnamon and that white(and green also because green is same as that white but coloured) tastes little like lime,ginger and pear because I used those all when making doughs.

That green frosting is made with vanilla flavoured powdered sugar and food colouring. so it`s makes also little taste of those metal shortbreads.

Cookie Mania

Cookie Mania

Over the past 3 days, I have made, iced, wrapped over 350 cookies.

The list includes:
Jam thumbprint cookies with homemade nectarine butter
ANZAC cookies
White chocolate and cranberry cookies
Gingerbread cookies w/ royal icing
Green tea macarons with sweetened adzuki buttercream
Yoyos with orange buttercream
Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons
Tim tam truffles coated with 1. white chocolate and rolled in crushed walnuts, 2. milk chocolate and rolled in dessicated coconuts, 3. dark chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder
Peanut butter & choc chip cookies
Strawberry rice cakes (ichigo daifuku - not technically a cookie, but still a part of the gift baskets)

At this point when I took the photo, they were only half wrapped but I was scared of losing the light...

Oh god. I think my back has snapped in half. I need a massage.

cookies made with cocoa powder

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Crab claws how to cook : Watch dane cook isolated incident : Diet sugar cookie recipe

Crab Claws How To Cook

crab claws how to cook

    how to
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Bays of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Bays of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

I would like to dedicate this image to John J Maclennan. Explore#116

I was fortunate together with members of my family to join John on his boat sailing around the west coast of Harris in July. I knew that the day had the potential to be truly wonderful,such is the grandeur of these islands, however I am acutely aware how the weather is a contributing factor particularly where light is concerned. There is no doubt that the trip was greatly enhanced by John's spirit and good cheer, his knowledge of his territory and his competence and skill of handling his boat which made one feel at ease. As for the unconditional hospitality what can one say.......... after tramping two hours over a remote island we were able to descend between cliffs to the most beautiful beach that my eyes have ever encountered. John displayed patience in remaining out at sea during this time, then came to collect us by dinghy. Back on board I doubt if I will ever sit at a table surrounded by a scene so majestic, so exquisite, so perfect, so serene as that day. Sheltered from the Atlantic swell, the shallow sea produces the most amazing transparency, the pristine white sand backed by high craggy cliffs is a dream come true. David a member of John's family cooked us some venison burgers that was served with all the accompaniments which was washed down nicely with a glass, in some cases two of French red wine. We had further treats of wild salmon and crab which John bashed then extracted the meat from the claws. All the produce that we eat came from the land or sea that we were part of. After 10 hours it was with reluctance that our day came to an end. Summing up our day if you were to ask me if I could imagine heaven being prettier...... probably not.

Thanks John for a phenomenal day !!

one angry crab

one angry crab

angry possibly, because he didnt get any, and would be cooked in it later.

How you fish for them:

The night before we baited a 1200 ft line with chicken necks. a concrete anchor is dropped into the water with a buoy at top, the line is run, and then repeat the anchor drop. then, the line is fished out of the water, and mounted atop a pulley on the side of the boat. the driver runs parallel to the line, while another waits to see if any crabs are attatched to the bait. As soon as they get near the top of the water, the crabs let go, and you need to scoop them up with a net before they sink. Sounds easy but they come at you fast, and will jump out of the net if you dont get them in quickly! Small ones must be thrown back, as well as females who are seen to be pregnant. We were out there about 5 hrs, as they weren't biting too well that day.

crab claws how to cook

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Delicious Cookies Recipes

delicious cookies recipes

  • Highly pleasant to the taste

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  • (cookie) any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)

  • A packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server

  • (cookie) the cook on a ranch or at a camp

  • (cookie) a short line of text that a web site puts on your computer's hard drive when you access the web site

  • A small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp

  • A person of a specified kind

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  • (The Recipe) The Recipe is the third studio album by American rapper Mack 10, released October 6, 1998 on Priority and Hoo-Bangin' Records. It peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at number 15 on the Billboard 200.. All Media Guide, LLC. Retrieved on 2010-01-01.

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Yule Log Cookies Recipe

Yule Log Cookies Recipe

These are delicious and very Christmasy! I found this recipe in an old magazine.

Delicious Desktop: Sleep

Delicious Desktop: Sleep

For the Delicious Desktops group. Dirty and whatnot.
Desktop icons are so 2003.

delicious cookies recipes

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Hello Kitty Cookie Jar - Cooking Games Ice Cream - Small Batch Cookies.

Hello Kitty Cookie Jar

hello kitty cookie jar

    hello kitty
  • Young refugee from Catatonia.  Was given her own dream castle by Lady Carmen.  Picture of Hello Kitty

  • is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. The character is a staple of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. The character is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.

    cookie jar
  • A jar to hold cookies

  • Cookie jars are utilitarian or ceramic or glass jars often found in American and Canadian kitchens. In the United Kingdom, they are known as biscuit jars or biscuit tins.

  • The Cookie Jar Group (also known as The Cookie Jar Company and Cookie Jar Entertainment) (formerly Cinar) is a Canadian producer of children’s entertainment, consumer products and educational materials.

  • a jar in which cookies are kept (and sometimes money is hidden)

I Promise...

I Promise...

Dog Thoughts
1. The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.
2. I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm lying under the coffee table.
3. I will not roll my toys behind the fridge, behind the sofa or under the bed.
4. I must shake the rainwater out of my fur before entering the house.
5. I will not eat the cats' food, before they eat it or after they throw it up.
6. I will stop trying to find the few remaining pieces of clean carpet in the house when I am about to get sick.
7. I will not throw up in the car.
8. I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc., just because I like the way they smell.
9. "Kitty box crunchies," although they are tasty, are not food.
10. I will not eat any more Kleenex or napkins and then redeposit them in the backyard after processing.
11. The diaper pail is not a cookie jar.
12. I will not chew my human's toothbrush and not tell them.
13. I will not chew crayons or pens, especially not the red ones, or my people will think I am hemorrhaging.
14. When in the car, I will not insist on having the window rolled down when it's raining outside.
15. We do not have a doorbell. I will not bark each time I hear one on TV.
16. I will not steal my mom's underwear and dance all over the backyard with it.
17. The sofa is not a face towel. Neither are mom and dad's laps.
18. My head does not belong in the refrigerator.
19. I will not bite the officer's hand when he reaches in for mom's driver's license and car
20. I will not play tug-of-war with dad's underwear when he's on the toilet.
21. I will not eat mint-flavored dental floss out of the bathroom garbage to avoid having a string hanging out of my butt.
22. I will not use "roll around in the dirt" as an option after just getting a bath.
23. Sticking my nose into someone's crotch is not an acceptable way of saying hello.
24. I will not hump on any person's leg just because I thought it was the right thing to do.
25. I will not fart in my owners face while sleeping on the pillow next to their head.
26. I will not come in from outside and immediately drag my butt across the carpet.
27. The toilet bowl is not a never-ending water supply and, just because the water is blue, it doesn't mean it is cleaner.
28. I will not sit in the middle of the living room and lick my crotch when company is over.
29. Suddenly turning around and smelling my butt can quickly clear a room.
30. The cat is not a squeaky toy so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a good thing.

- author unknown

Hello Kitty Cookie Jar

Hello Kitty Cookie Jar

I forgot all about this until I saw it on someone else's photostream!

Daniel got this for me last fall, the colors were just right for the kitchen!

I thought she looked funny with the styrofoam going right in her head.

hello kitty cookie jar

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Housekeeping Cookbook. How Do Delete Cookies From Your Computer. Tin Butter Cookies.

Housekeeping Cookbook

housekeeping cookbook

  • The management of household affairs

  • In computer programming, housekeeping can refer either to a standard entry or exit routine appended to a user written block of code (such as a subroutine or function, sometimes known as a function prologue and epilogue) at its entry and exit or, alternatively, to any other automated or manual

  • A department within a hotel or other residential facility that oversees the cleaning of rooms and the provision of necessities such as towels and glassware

  • Housekeeping or housecleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home, or as a metaphor for a similar "clean up" process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform.

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  • The Cookbook is the sixth studio album by American rapper Missy Elliott, released by The Goldmind Inc. and Atlantic Records on July 5, 2005, in the United States.

  • A cookbook is a book that contains information on cooking. It typically contains a collection of recipes, and may also include information on ingredient origin, freshness, selection and quality.

Good Housekeeping cookbooks

Good Housekeeping cookbooks

I found two more Good Housekeeping cookbooks for my collection: 'Vegetables' and the much coveted 'Ten PM Cook Book'. One was a quarter and I paid a whole dollar for the other... but the entertainment value is hard to put a price on.

1909 Household Discoveries

1909 Household Discoveries

Household Disoveries and Mrs. Curtis's Cook Book by Isabel Gordon Curtis

housekeeping cookbook

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