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Cookies Made With Cocoa Powder

cookies made with cocoa powder

    cocoa powder
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  • The result of extracting cocoa butter from cocoa paste. Cocoa powder is used to prepare chocolate drinks or to sprinkle truffles and chocolate tarts.

  • Cocoa solids are the low-fat component of chocolate. When sold as an end product, it may also be called cocoa powder, cocoa, and cacao.

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Camouflage sugar cookies!

Camouflage sugar cookies!

Because I sometimes catch the inspiration to try made some things which I haven`t before try to made out I decided to make one test-kind of cookies..

And those cookies are birth just because of that at I was wanting to try how they looks if I made out my planning to try made some CAMOUFLAGE coloured vegan shortbreads, which ofcourse are topped with new band logo-decorations.

These were just test cookies,
I like to play with food sometimes and now I was splashing with that green food colouring! Yau! Those camouflage cookies tastes almost chocolate, because that brown-part contains cocoa powder and cinnamon and that white(and green also because green is same as that white but coloured) tastes little like lime,ginger and pear because I used those all when making doughs.

That green frosting is made with vanilla flavoured powdered sugar and food colouring. so it`s makes also little taste of those metal shortbreads.

Cookie Mania

Cookie Mania

Over the past 3 days, I have made, iced, wrapped over 350 cookies.

The list includes:
Jam thumbprint cookies with homemade nectarine butter
ANZAC cookies
White chocolate and cranberry cookies
Gingerbread cookies w/ royal icing
Green tea macarons with sweetened adzuki buttercream
Yoyos with orange buttercream
Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons
Tim tam truffles coated with 1. white chocolate and rolled in crushed walnuts, 2. milk chocolate and rolled in dessicated coconuts, 3. dark chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder
Peanut butter & choc chip cookies
Strawberry rice cakes (ichigo daifuku - not technically a cookie, but still a part of the gift baskets)

At this point when I took the photo, they were only half wrapped but I was scared of losing the light...

Oh god. I think my back has snapped in half. I need a massage.

cookies made with cocoa powder

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