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Crab Claws How To Cook

crab claws how to cook

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Bays of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Bays of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

I would like to dedicate this image to John J Maclennan. Explore#116

I was fortunate together with members of my family to join John on his boat sailing around the west coast of Harris in July. I knew that the day had the potential to be truly wonderful,such is the grandeur of these islands, however I am acutely aware how the weather is a contributing factor particularly where light is concerned. There is no doubt that the trip was greatly enhanced by John's spirit and good cheer, his knowledge of his territory and his competence and skill of handling his boat which made one feel at ease. As for the unconditional hospitality what can one say.......... after tramping two hours over a remote island we were able to descend between cliffs to the most beautiful beach that my eyes have ever encountered. John displayed patience in remaining out at sea during this time, then came to collect us by dinghy. Back on board I doubt if I will ever sit at a table surrounded by a scene so majestic, so exquisite, so perfect, so serene as that day. Sheltered from the Atlantic swell, the shallow sea produces the most amazing transparency, the pristine white sand backed by high craggy cliffs is a dream come true. David a member of John's family cooked us some venison burgers that was served with all the accompaniments which was washed down nicely with a glass, in some cases two of French red wine. We had further treats of wild salmon and crab which John bashed then extracted the meat from the claws. All the produce that we eat came from the land or sea that we were part of. After 10 hours it was with reluctance that our day came to an end. Summing up our day if you were to ask me if I could imagine heaven being prettier...... probably not.

Thanks John for a phenomenal day !!

one angry crab

one angry crab

angry possibly, because he didnt get any, and would be cooked in it later.

How you fish for them:

The night before we baited a 1200 ft line with chicken necks. a concrete anchor is dropped into the water with a buoy at top, the line is run, and then repeat the anchor drop. then, the line is fished out of the water, and mounted atop a pulley on the side of the boat. the driver runs parallel to the line, while another waits to see if any crabs are attatched to the bait. As soon as they get near the top of the water, the crabs let go, and you need to scoop them up with a net before they sink. Sounds easy but they come at you fast, and will jump out of the net if you dont get them in quickly! Small ones must be thrown back, as well as females who are seen to be pregnant. We were out there about 5 hrs, as they weren't biting too well that day.

crab claws how to cook

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